01Check-in machine

We have introduced a smart check-in machine that allows you to perform check-in, and payment at easily.

For first-time customers and those who are not good at operating machines, concierge staff will provide you.


An incredible bed that took more than 90 years to craft

All our rooms have Slumberland beds.
Slumberland, founded in England in 1919, has been the proud purveyor for the royal bedrooms since 1940, under George 6th. It is a bed brand with great tradition. With these beds, you can experience the ideal “hardness”, “softness”, and “balance” that support the natural sleeping posture.

A quality fit for kings

Since 1940 with George 6th, then in 1955 with Elizabeth 2nd and her Majesty Elizabeth in 1965, it has been the purveyor to the royal household.

03CleaningLG Styler

Take care of clothing in your room

The first time in a Hokuriku hotel that this closet-type clothing care machine is introduced. It can remove wrinkles and bad smells by just inserting clothes into it. The next morning your clothes will feel like new.

“LG styler”’s five characteristics

  • 01

    It removes bad smells from suits and coats

  • 02

    Thanks to the steamer and the hanger rack that can vibrate up to 180 times per minute, it removes wrinkles

  • 03

    Thanks to the steam, it removes ticks, dust, and pollen from clothes without the need for cleaning agents

  • 04

    (By using the high quality drying course) it can dry clothes wet with rain or snow without hurting the fabric, at low temperature

  • 05

    With the trouser line function, your trousers will get a perfect center press line


Spatial sterilization and deodorization equipment delivered by a medical device manufacturer

The metal photocatalyst filter captures bacteria, viruses, allergens and odor-causing substances in the air, and decomposes them with the action of photocatalyst. In addition, it sterilizes and purifies the air by irradiating deep ultraviolet rays.
Deep UV-LEDs have been found to be effective in suppressing the growth of bacteria and viruses when irradiated, and are widely used in fields such as medicine and environmental hygiene.

“Aeropurer”’s three characteristics

  • 01

    The air taken into the device is sterilized and deodorized, and the cleaned air is sent.

  • 02

    The deep infrared ray emitted inside the device does not directly hit the human body because it is structured so that it does not leak outside the device. Since it is not a method that releases a substance that has a sterilizing effect, it can be used safely near small children and the elderly.

  • 03

    By devising the configuration of the fan and filter, it is possible to output the world's highest level of deep UV LED even though it is small, and it exhibits a high sterilization and deodorant effect.

05Smart TV

Internet video distribution service compatible TV

In addition to terrestrial TV broadcasting, you can enjoy comfortable access to BS/CS broadcasting, as well as Internet-delivered videos and content.
・YouTube and AbemaTV for free
・For Netflix, Hulu, U-NEXT, and Amazon Prime Video, you can log in with your own account.
・An HDMI cable is also connected to the TV, so you can use it as a PC monitor.

The log-in account information and browsing history when guests use the video distribution service will be automatically deleted when the power is turned off.