We use your personal information with the utmost care and strive to protect your privacy.

Use of personal information

Compliance with laws and regulations

All of our executive and staff (Including temporary staff, part-time employees, etc.) are striving to protect personal information by thoroughly observing laws and norms concerning its use.

Proper acquisition, use, and provision

Our company acquires private information through proper means, and uses them for clear and defined reasons. It will not provide this information to third parties unless with the specific consent of the subject or an obligation from the law.

Safe management

We pay close attention to the management of personal information and take all necessary measures to prevent unauthorized access, leakage, loss, falsification etc. In addition to improving knowledge and awareness about the proper means of the use of personal information in our employees, we review third parties and conduct all necessary supervision if we entrust the handling of personal information to outsiders.

Disclosure, correction, and end of use

When we are requested to disclose, correct, or suspend use of personal data held by our company, we will endeavor to respond promptly at the office written below. When unable to comply with the request because of laws and regulations, we will explain the reasons in detail.

Continuous improvement of our policies

We are constantly making efforts to improve our privacy policy. Therefore, this protection policy may be changed without notice.

Questions regarding the use of personal information

Questions about personal information are handled by the office written below. Please bear in mind that there may be cases when we will have to verify your identity to comply with your requests.

Kanawa-cho 1-3-46, Tsuruga, Fukui
TEL: 0770-22-5560